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release date
August 2019

Label: Aldo's Musica
Copyright: (C) 2019 Gavilan Brothers
Total Length: 1:03:00
Genres: Classical, Jazz


  • Quick Tune
  • Pájaro Carpintero / Woodpecker
  • Viernes de Ciudad / 24 hours
  • Árboles en el aire / Trees in the Sky
  • Waltz
  • Hermanos / Brothers
  • Eclypse
  • Historia de la niña / Momo's Tale
  • Caipiriñame / A mojito in Rio
  • Epílogo / Epilogue
  • Pan con Timba / Old Havana

Two of the most gifted Cuban musicians of these times, get together after two decades of geo separation under the artistic name “Gavilan Brothers”, to record a fantastic and much-anticipated album.