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release date
1 Nov 2019

All songs composed by Aldo López-Gavilán except Franck Churchill* and Miles Davis**`


  • Amazonas
  • Bonjour Daiana
  • Costas del Mar Egeo
  • Danza del Dragón Violeta
  • Someday my Prince will come
  • Galactic Suite / Telescoping Nebula
  • Galactic Suite / Cosmic Distance
  • Galactic Suite / Supernova
  • Playgrounds
  • Solar
  • Waterdance for my daughters

“Aldo López-Gavilán is not only a formidable virtuoso, but also exceeds in works that require extraordinary color and fascinating sounds. His natural talent never suffers and his original thinking as an artist assures a performance of amazing playing and individuality” The London Times